Dental Implants in Pittsburgh PA

Dental Implants in Pittsburgh PA

Dental implants are a cutting-edge solution for replacing missing teeth. In Pittsburgh and beyond, these artificial tooth roots are surgically implanted into the jawbone, providing a sturdy foundation for durable, natural-looking crowns. Dental implants offer a permanent and stable alternative to traditional dentures, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. They’re a popular choice for restoring smiles and oral health in Pittsburgh, ensuring a confident and comfortable bite.


Dental implants are frequently used a the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth. Rather than resting on the gum line like removable dentures, or using adjacent teeth as anchors like fixed bridges, dental implants are long-term replacements that your oral and maxillofacial surgeon surgically places in the jawbone.


Unlike dentures, or other fake teeth options, dental implants are titanium inserts that fuse with the jawbone to; mitigate the risk of bone loss; eliminate the hassle of embarrassing noises or slipping; and can be either a single tooth replacement or full mouth dental implants. Dental implants will give you the confidence and hassle-free lifestyle you are looking for.


Our team at Kail & Moore Oral Surgery is dedicated to providing your quality services for dental implants in Pittsburgh, PA. Call our office that is most  convenient for you and let’s start the journey to get you back to feeling like you, again.

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Implants can be used to replace one missing tooth so that the replacement looks and feels natural (a). Also, two or more implants can serve as a stable support for the replacement of many teeth (b).

Many patients who have selected dental implants describe a quality of life that is much more comfortable and secure than the lifestyle endured by those with fixed bridges or removable dentures. Dentures often make a person feel and look older than they are, cause embarrassment in social situations when they slip and click, and restrict the everyday pleasure of eating comfortably. 

When they count the benefits they enjoy as a result of their dental implants, patients say their implants eliminate the day-to-day frustrations and discomfort of ill-fitting dentures. They allow people to enjoy a healthy and varied diet without the restrictions many denture wearers face. With a sense of renewed self-confidence, many people rediscover the excitement of an active lifestyle shared with family and friends and the chance to speak clearly and comfortably with co-workers. For all these reasons, people with dental implants often say they feel better… they look better… they live better.



The difference that full mouth dental implants, or even a single tooth replacement, can make are potentially life-changing. No matter what your situation, our team can work with you to determine that best option that will have you back grining, from ear to ear, with complete confidence.



Whether you are a young, middle-aged or older adult; whether you need to replace one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth, there is a dental implant solution for you. With the exception of growing children, dental implants are the solution of choice for people of all ages, even those with the following health concerns:

In today’s world, wisdom teeth are not needed to consume the foods we eat. These teeth can often cause more harm than good because, even if you may not feel any pain or discomfort, you can still experience infection or problems. The sooner you act on getting them removed, the easier the procedure will be for you. 

If you are experiencing issues or pain, the process of removing wisdom teeth can relieve you of symptoms once you are recovered from your operation.

If you can have routine dental treatment, you can generally have an implant placed. While precautions are advisable for certain conditions, patients with such chronic diseases as high blood pressure and diabetes are usually successful candidates for dental implant treatment.

Almost all implants placed in patients who have lost their teeth to periodontal disease or decay have been successful.

Implants can replace removable bridges or dentures, or they can be used to stabilize and secure the denture, making it much more comfortable.

Although smoking lowers the success rate of implants, it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of getting them.

Bone loss is not uncommon for people who have lost teeth or had periodontal disease. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained and experienced in grafting bone to safely and permanently secure the implant.


Dental implants combine the best of modern science and technology, including a team approach spanning several disciplines.

A successful implant requires that all parties involved — the patient; the restorative dentist, who makes the crown for the implant; and the oral and maxillofacial surgeon, who surgically places the implant, follow a careful plan of treatment. All members of the implant team stay in close contact with each other to make sure everyone clearly understands what needs to be done to meet the patient’s expectations.

The team is organized as soon as the decision for placing a dental implant is reached. Following an evaluation that includes a comprehensive examination, x-rays and a consultation with the patient and members of the implant team, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon surgically places the posts, or implants, in the patient’s jaw.

When the implants have stabilized in the jaw, the restorative dentist prepares an impression of the upper and lower jaws. This impression is used to make the model from which the dentures or crowns are created.

The teamwork continues long after the implant and crown have been placed. Follow-up examinations with the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and restorative dentist are critical, and progress is carefully charted. Both the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and the restorative dentist continue to work together to provide the highest level of aftercare.

How do you prepare getting dental implants? Our pre-operation checklist will help to reduce pain and discomfort from the surgery.

Did you get dental implants in Pittsburgh? Our post-operation checklist will help mitigate any potential problems and reduce discomfort.

Are you in pain from a single tooth replacement or full mouth implant? Our team can help answer questions that help quicken fake teeth replacement recovery.


Our team is dedicated to providing quality oral surgery procedures for those living in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. If you want to scheduel a procedure, understand the cost, or have any other questions, please contact our teams located in Mount Lebanon or Robinson and a representative will take care of all your needs.

Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder
Caring, compassionate professionals. I had two molars extracted and had absolutely no swelling and very little discomfort after the surgery. Once I am healed, I am going back for two implants. Don't hesitate to go to this office. I recommend them highly!
Charlene Lariosa
Charlene Lariosa
It’s been a year since Dr. Kail took my wisdom teeth out and I have nothing to complain about. The before and after process went super smooth. The surgery went excellent, and the he prescribed me really great pain killers so I was not in pain after surgery. The price was really great and I would definitely recommend to visit Dr. Kail for wisdom teeth extraction.
Teresa Monier
Teresa Monier
Best oral surgeon in the universe- excellent surgeon and bedside manner is outstanding- excellent and caring staff !!!!
Great place, nice staff! My anxiety was through the roof because of my tooth extraction. He eased my mind about it and it took all of 10 minutes if that. They numbed me, I sat for 10 minutes then he extracted it. In and out. I definitely recommend Dr. Michael Kail!


Time of recovery from a wisdom tooth removal can vary depending on patient health, age, and adherence to pre and post-operation procedures. Follow our checklists to help mitigate risk to discomfort from wisdom teeth extraction.

The first few days you may experience pain, swelling, and mild discomfort, which is part of the normal healing process. Your diet may need to be modified for a few days up to a few weeks in order to aid in the recovery process. Application of a cold compres can help alleviate swelling and pain.

We will partner with you along your post-op journey to give you detailed instructions of when to return to work or school based on your pain level and medication provided. Many people experience the height of symptoms on the third and fourth day post operation.

Why Choose Kail & Moore For Dental Implants in Pittsburgh

Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality service and comforting care from the first phone call till your last check-up. Both Dr. Kail and Moore serve as adjunct clinical professors at the University of Pittsburgh and are on staff at UPMC hospitals; they are dedicated to staying on-top-of advancing education in the fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery. With over +20 years of combined practicing experience, Kail and Moore aim to provide the city of Pittsburgh top dental implants solutions, service, and care.

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