Bone Grafting in Pittsburgh PA

Bone Grafting in Pittsburgh PA

Explore effective bone grafting procedures near Pittsburgh designed to repair bones post-severe fractures or inadequate healing. Our services extend to fusing adjoining bones to alleviate chronic pain. Discover diverse methods, including allografts, autografts, and synthetic bone grafts, available in the vicinity of Pittsburgh.


A dental bone graft involves augmenting the volume and density of your jaw in regions affected by bone loss. The grafting material can be sourced from your own body (autogenous), obtained from a human tissue bank (allograft), acquired from an animal tissue bank (xenograft), or, in certain cases, may be synthetic (alloplast).


Dental bone grafting is a versatile procedure designed to address various oral health issues. Some common problems it helps solve include:

  1. Tooth Loss: Dental bone grafting is often used to augment bone volume in the jaw, providing a solid foundation for dental implants when natural teeth are lost.

  2. Implant Support: It facilitates the success of dental implants by ensuring that the jawbone is dense and strong enough to support the implant securely.

  3. Bone Regeneration: Bone grafts can stimulate the regeneration of bone tissue, which is beneficial in cases of bone loss due to periodontal disease or other factors.

  4. Reconstruction after Trauma: It is employed to rebuild and repair the jawbone after trauma, such as fractures or injuries, restoring both function and aesthetics.

  5. Enhancing Aesthetics: Bone grafting can improve the appearance of the jawline and facial features by restoring lost bone structure, leading to a more natural and appealing look.

  6. Treatment for Gum Disease: In cases where advanced periodontal disease has led to bone loss, grafting can help restore the damaged bone, providing support for the teeth and preventing further deterioration.

In summary, dental bone grafting is a valuable solution for restoring and augmenting bone in the jaw, addressing various dental issues related to tooth loss, implants, bone regeneration, trauma, aesthetics, and gum disease.

Pittsburgh bone grafting


If you ae experiencing bone loss in your jaw, need to have your jaw rebuilt, or are considering to replace a missing tooth, bone grafting may be the solution for you. Give our team at Kail and Moore a call so we can help you make the right decision to get you back to feeling you.

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Discover if you’re an ideal candidate for dental bone grafting in Pittsburgh, PA. If you’re considering implants for missing teeth, our specialized services cater to your needs. Dental implants, essential for restoring missing teeth, often require a strong foundation, necessitating bone grafting. In a recent study of nearly 800 implant recipients, over half required bone grafting.

Whether you’re dealing with tooth loss or gum disease, dental bone grafting becomes crucial to support areas of the jaw affected by bone loss. Beyond implant support, it helps prevent further complications associated with bone loss, ensuring the long-term health of your teeth and gums. Effective management of gum disease is paramount, as untreated cases can lead to additional tooth loss and even impact heart health.

Candidates also include those experiencing changes in appearance due to bone loss. Whether it’s a shortened face or alterations in jaw structure, dental bone grafts address these concerns. Jawbone loss is often associated with aging, but it can affect individuals of any age due to injuries, poor dental hygiene, or other health issues, such as infections.

For personalized and expert dental bone grafting services in the Pittsburgh area, contact us to ensure your oral health and overall well-being.


  1. Socket Preservation (Ridge Preservation): Following a tooth extraction, our skilled professionals perform socket preservation, preventing the collapse of the extraction site. This immediate graft fills the void left by the missing tooth, ensuring the integrity of the surrounding socket.

  2. Ridge Augmentation: For those with long-term tooth loss, the supporting jawbone may have diminished in width. Our ridge augmentation procedures in Pittsburgh increase the jawbone’s width and volume, creating a robust foundation for implants and other restorative options.

  3. Sinus Lift: When upper back teeth are missing, the maxillary sinuses may descend, complicating implant placement. Our skilled oral surgeons and periodontists offer sinus lift procedures, repositioning the sinus to its proper location. A dental bone graft is then expertly placed beneath the sinus, establishing a sturdy foundation for future dental implants.

  4. Periodontal Bone Graft: Combat the effects of gum disease with our specialized periodontal bone grafts. In cases where gum infection has led to bone erosion and tooth mobility, a targeted graft around the affected tooth reduces mobility and provides crucial additional support.

  5. Tailored Recovery for Dental Implants: Our dedicated team ensures complete healing of bone grafts before proceeding with dental implant placement. While recovery times vary, our personalized approach in Pittsburgh prioritizes your unique needs. In select cases, simultaneous placement of a bone graft and dental implant may be considered based on individual circumstances.

For advanced dental bone grafting services in Pittsburgh, trust our experienced team to restore your oral health effectively. Contact us for personalized consultations and comprehensive care.

When you lose a tooth, you jaw can lose some of its density and structure. Therefore, dental bone grafting is sometimes necessary prior to dental implant surgery. This is not always the case, but consulting with your oral surgeon will help you understand if is needed.

The overwhelming majority of patients experience little to no pain from a dental bone graft.


The procedure for dental bone grafting is easy and produces little to no pain for the patient. First, the oral surgeon will numb the area in order to create a small incision to your gums. The area is cleaned and disinfected before the grafting material is added to repair the needed area. The grafted area will often be covered with amembrane for protection and the gum is placed over the incision with stitches. Most of the time you do not need to be sedated for the procedure. The entire process takes only an hour or two.

How do you prepare for a bone graft procedure? Our pre-operation checklist will help to reduce pain and discomfort from the surgery.

Did you have dental bone grafting in Pittsburgh? Our post-operation checklist will help mitigate any potential problems and reduce discomfort.

Are you in pain from a recent bone graft? Our team has prepared a list of commonly asked questions to help quicken bone grafting recovery.


Our team is dedicated to providing quality dental bone grafting procedures for those living in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. If you want to scheduel a procedure, understand the cost, or have any other questions, please contact our teams located in Mount Lebanon or Robinson and a representative will take care of all your needs.

Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder
Caring, compassionate professionals. I had two molars extracted and had absolutely no swelling and very little discomfort after the surgery. Once I am healed, I am going back for two implants. Don't hesitate to go to this office. I recommend them highly!
Charlene Lariosa
Charlene Lariosa
It’s been a year since Dr. Kail took my wisdom teeth out and I have nothing to complain about. The before and after process went super smooth. The surgery went excellent, and the he prescribed me really great pain killers so I was not in pain after surgery. The price was really great and I would definitely recommend to visit Dr. Kail for wisdom teeth extraction.
Teresa Monier
Teresa Monier
Best oral surgeon in the universe- excellent surgeon and bedside manner is outstanding- excellent and caring staff !!!!
Great place, nice staff! My anxiety was through the roof because of my tooth extraction. He eased my mind about it and it took all of 10 minutes if that. They numbed me, I sat for 10 minutes then he extracted it. In and out. I definitely recommend Dr. Michael Kail!


The recovery from a dental bone graft is fairly short. You should be back to feeling normal after a week or two, but the total healing process can be between 3-9 months. To quicken your recovery- follow the post-op procedures provided to you by your oral surgeon. You can return to work/school the same day of the procedure.

Why Choose Kail and Moore For Dental Bone Grafting in Pittsburgh

Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality service and comforting care from the first phone call till your last check-up. Both Dr. Kail and Moore serve as adjunct clinical professors at the University of Pittsburgh and are on staff at UPMC hospitals; they are dedicated to staying on-top-of advancing education in the fields of oral and maxillofacial surgery. With over +20 years of combined practicing experience, Kail and Moore aim to provide the city of Pittsburgh top dental bone grafting solutions, service, and care.

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